Clients & Testimonials

Ninni is, quite simply, remarkable. In the 35 years I have been an interior designer, I have never had more faith in anyone I have worked with. Read more

Victoria Borus, B Five Studio

Under Ninni’s watch, our clients always moved into homes outfitted in every detail.
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Franklin Salasky, B Five Studio

Ninni and her crew made the East Hampton project absolutely perfect. And the entire team did so with such beautiful manners and care, and never a complaint. Read more

Joseph Silvestro, Joseph Silvestro Construction

In the five years we spent working together, I witnessed firsthand Ninni’s amazing organizational abilities as she handled multiple projects with ease. She does everything with grace, excellent management skills, and utmost courtesy. Read more

Martin Raffone, maisonLAB

I was extremely pleased with the job Ninni and her people did. Best of all, they expressed great sensitivity to our situation, and added lots of lovely personal touches. Read more

Donald Kaufman, Donald Kaufman Color

I honestly can’t imagine our life without Ninni. She does the classiest installations imaginable. Read more

Judy Steinhardt

Ninni is a pleasure to be around, has impeccable taste, and can be trusted with any task—and your house keys. Read more

Joline Stemerman

Ninni and her team are as reliable and knowledgeable as they come, and I am grateful to have been able to work with them during many major life transitions. Read more

Anita Roe